10 Important Strategies For Using Twitter

10 Important Strategies For Using Twitter

twitter  Twitter is a very popular way people are socializing on the internet. Many times you will hear people discuss a tweet that has been made by our Congressman, celebrities, and even our president has used Twitter. Using Twitter is a quick way for people to share their thoughts quickly. With Twitter being a main topic of discussion, or in other words another main stream for people to stay in contact and up-to-date with one another rather business or personal, I have researched and found 10 strategies for using Twitter.

Each tweet is no greater than 140 characters. This is considered “micro-blogging” which is getting your message out short, and to the point. People want to be able to read it quickly and go on, and twitter’s platform provides this to happen.


twitter10 Important Strategies For Using Twitter Are:

  1. KIS- Keep it simple. Keep your message short and sweet, and to the point. Remember you only have 140 characters. Make these messages powerful. You want to make an impression and a presence with these tweets.
  2. Connect with others. The point of Twitter is to connect with others and build followers. Look for other people who have like interests and engage them in conversation, which is of interest to them as well as you.
  3. Build your brand. Craft your messages around your unique niche. Establish yourself as the expert and people will want to read your tweets. Make sure your information is relevant and powerful.
  4. Know the difference between marketing and advertising. People like to buy things, but they do not like to be sold to. Make sure you are marketing to them in a way which provides them what they want and they will come back.
  5. Deliver your message in generic form. Provide information which anyone can understand and enjoy. Make it relevant.
  6. Research, research, research! Research your target markets likes and dislikes. Provide research about information which they are looking for. If they know they can trust you, then they will keep reading your tweets.
  7. Be genuine with your tweets. Nobody likes a faker. People can tell if you are truly genuine with what you are saying. Be yourself, don’t always think of every tweet as a way to sell. People just want to connect with you.
  8. Be fun, friendly, and engage. Have fun, show your sense of humor. This is about socializing with others. Have a great time and engage people with your personality.
  9. Listen to followers. Read other people’s questions and tweets. Provide valuable feedback and show them you are listening to them. Today, we have so many people talking, but no one is really listening.
  10. Use tweets in moderation. Do not bombard people with tweets. People want to engage with you, but they do not want to be bombarded with your information. Make sure not to send out affiliate links, this is a total turn off.

Important Strategies For Twitter

twitter Twitter can be useful tool when developing a business rather online or offline. Having the right tools to help you stay organized within twitter can help you run a sufficient online business. Remember to plan and use these 10 important strategies for Twitter when getting started within Twitter.

Twitter has evolved into more than just a social site it is one of the worlds leading free social site, to grow and expand your business and your network. It may seem confusing if you’ve never dealt with twitter, but once you dive in and take your time to read you will begin to see how simple it is to work your way around Twitter.




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P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short article on Twitter.

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