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 article marketingArticle Marketing – Creating A Blog Authority

What are the article marketing steps necessary  to generate leads to your blog? Designing a blog authority calls for a sense of dedication. The overall objective of all business internet marketers is to generate leads as well as create an income. Developing realistic goals while remaining focused on obtaining them will produce the desired results.

Article Marketing|Lead Generation Techniques

To help propel your lead generation techniques determine your “why”.   Complete a personal evaluation then decide whether article marketing is for you. Article marketing for SEO (search engine optimization) will certainly require some effort and dedication.

To establish an authoritative blog site presence, find something you’re passionate about. This is especially useful, due to the volume of time you will be committing in research and creation. Finding a niche you are passionate about, will assist in maintaining the degree of passion and commitment.


Article Marketing| Appropriate Keyword Research

Proper keyword research will yield the greatest results of generating leads. Some keywords and niches will require more time and research than others. Discovering an excellent keyword or keyword phrase, can sometimes be difficult to find. Steps to take to find suitable keywords are:

  • look for keywords with mid to high search volume – the greater the number of searches, the higher the level of competitors
  • website ranks of the leading 10 websites for your chosen keyword – website rank is the level of authority Google has assigned to the site
  • web page S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) and number of back links to that page
  • commercial intent of the keyword based upon the CPC (cost per click)

Once you have done thorough keyword research and discovered the “golden nugget” it’s is time to start creating content encompassing that keyword. The sole objective is to get targeted traffic to your website.

Article Marketing| Article Production

Designing content to generate leads is the sole purpose of a website. Complete SEO of the article with the keyword you have researched and chosen; to obtain the best results the article must contain:

  • a catchy title – making use of the keyword as well as grabbing attention of the reader
  • initial paragraph ought to give a question or problem
  • body of the article needs to summarize the benefits, a solution and answer given in the opening paragraph
  • a strong call to action – offering a solution through you, your products or services

Creating articles to generate leads may seem an extensive and in some cases tiresome chore due to the research and commitment involved. The purpose and focus of these lead generation strategies will certainly reduce the need to buy leads as you will begin to generate organic leads. The ultimate objective of article marketing is to generate leads via Google natural searches.

Article Marketing Syndication

Once you have completed your articles completely including a spell check, you should be sure to submit your content to article directories for syndication and additional links back to your site.  This exposure too will help to increase your organic targeted leads.

Article marketing is therefore considered a very cost effective way of generating leads to your site and should be something that is done on a regular basis.  If you need additional help with lead generation, be sure to check out Influx Entrepreneur Academy.

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