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Business Leads – Lead Generation Process

Stephanie Richards, Influx Entrepreneur Nothing is more important to a business than the lead generation process. It should be the single driving force in your company. Potential leads who turn into paying customers, is how you generate income. Generating targeted leads, the income will begin to generate by it’s self creating residual income.

Some of the business focus is based on:

  • What should I sell?
  • How should I advertise the product?
  • Where should I advertise?


Your main focus should be concentrating on determining rather or not if there is a market for what you sell, and if so, where do you get the potential customers? The ability to place what they are searching for directly in front of them, creates a greater opportunity to generate a sale.


Business Leads – The Specifics

Many business owners especially internet marketers don’t understand the specifics of lead generation process. When dealing with online leads the best way to reach them is on a membership site. Set up a squeeze page or email capture page giving away a product that is very similar to the larger item you want to eventually offer.

Using free items to help create your list, also serves as a way to be able to communicate with your list. This is known as the lead generation process. Most leads online will only look at your site for maybe seven seconds before they move on, so its your job to have an eye catching page, that is giving away valuable content or a free offer. Through you list of potential customers, you can continue to market to them and begin to develop a relationship.


Business Leads – Leads Management

As you begin your lead generation process, you will also need to develop leads management. It basically means how much you advertise and send messages to your email list. Personally emailing your list about once or twice a week is more than enough. In dealing with leads management treat your list with the highest respect. Give away a couple of free products every month in the area of interest they signed up with. As the relationship develops and questions arise offer your product or sales page as a solution.

As you begin to generate leads, they will be much more receptive to buying something from you, if you are giving them good content, either through messages, or products. So when you do try to sell, not only will they already know you, and trust you, but they may even like you as a leader. Meaning they will be more willing to buy from you.

Taking the time to nurture your list is what will create financial success. If you had a thousand people on your list and sent out an email with an average product at $35.00, a 10% conversion or buying rate would equate to one hundred buyers. One hundred buyers multiplied by $35.00 per product equals $3,500.00!

Internet marketing can be a very lucrative business, only if you have the proper system set in place.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards, Influx Entrepreneur






Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

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