Why You Should Get Involved

get involved

Why You Should Get Involved By: Stephanie Ray Hey team Stephanie back again coming to you with something I did a while back in 2013 that made me want to get involved within my online business for real. Sitting back and watching this video made me realize how passionate I was when I first decided…

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How To Handle Stress


How To Handle Stress| Entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur can have it’s stress at times that leaves you wondering….why did I even bother getting involved with this business. Then there is the I’m so glad I became an entrepreneur an took the chance with online marketing ( same thing with any career). The question is how…

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Writing| What Is Writing


Writing| What Is Writing??? What is writing? Being an entrepreneur you have to consider the writing side of things which most people do not like to do, or don’t have the time to complete writing throughout there day. That is where discipline has to come in and make you read and write. As found on…

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Comments Within WordPress


Comments Within WordPress Finding out where your comments are within your WordPress back office is now a thing of the past, because after you read this short article you will know exactly where to go and what to do when you have comments on your valuable content. When I first got involved with online marketing…

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What Is Rel=NoFollow


  What Is Rel=Nofollow??? If your involved with online marketing one thing you have ran across while creating valuable content is this little annoying error that says “rel=nofollow“. If your new to blogging then this can become very frustrating if you don’t understand what rel=nofollow is all about. The image above is a metaphor of…

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