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Finding out where your comments are within your WordPress back office is now a thing of the past, because after you read this short article you will know exactly where to go and what to do when you have comments on your valuable content. When I first got involved with online marketing I really didn’t pay this any attention, but as I began to take my business seriously, I began to understand how this can effect your business.

Now for most this is probably a topic that your not even thinking about, but when you begin to dive all into your business, you will understand why knowing what’s going on with your comments is important. I’ve put together a short video that will help you have a visual idea of where you can find your comments. Once you start creating content and become consistent with your online presence people will notice and interact with your content, letting you know what you can speak on next or if your heading in the right direction with another topic. So why worry about comments anyway? This is an important topic because you want to avoid spamming appearing within your comments.


Comments Within WordPress

Paying attention to your comments is important to your blog/website to prevent spamming on your site. There are people who will go and just post their link without actually reading your content or even care for your comments. For that particular reason I always recommend that you approve your comments before they are posted to your site. You don’t want to represents anything with nudity or anything like that, if it’s not apart of your niche or anything else for that matter that’s not about or related to your targeted niche.

So in order to access your comments your comments you must first log into your back office, and look on your left hand side for the tab that says comments. If you hover your mouse over it you are given the two options all comments, and social comments. If you click on the “all comments” tab this is where you control the comments that appear on your site. You can delete the comment approve or disapprove the comment. With the “social comments” this tab allows you to display all your social icons to allow comments from different popular sites. You are given a lot of options to choose from and can apply your unique style to your social share buttons.


Comments Within WordPress

I’ve put together a little video about comments within WordPress to give you a visual appearance of where to find comments within your back office of WordPress.


Now that you’ve had a visual and a written explanation of what comments within WordPress is all about, you can continue to move forward with learning about online marketing and check this one off your list of things to learn. Online marketing is a fun journey as long as you stay down the right path and having the right plan in front of you makes all the difference in creating a productive website that has social interaction and much much more.

This is just a taste of understanding what WordPress is and how to operate your WordPress blog, and the best way I can say it is……” WordPress is Hard, But Influx Entrepreneur Is Easy”. This quote is so true because I not only understand WordPress, but I am running and operating and successful online business with the help of Influx Entrepreneur. Comments within WordPress is a thing of the past just like everything else you learn as you begin to take your WordPress blog seriously.


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