Your Dream Is Becoming Your Reality

DreamYour Dream Is Becoming Your Reality

While growing up, in the midst of your busy childhood and your dream, what is your very first memory of you saying ” when I grow up, I want to be”? How close are you to attaining your dream!..? Have you successfully reached the point of saying, now that I’m grown, I’m a…. with the utmost level of confidence? If you are like many others, you are still on a path of attaining more. You are on a path determined to reach past what you THOUGHT was your greatest reach and accomplishment. You have come to the realization that you have more inside, you have a much greater dream that has yet to be birthed!!! As I’ve made the decision and have chosen to take this journey of attaining more and enlarging the vision of my dream, the path of network marketing has come knocking banging on the door!!!


You've Answered The Knock, Now On To Creating Your Dream

dreamNetwork marketing has been an interesting and an amazing journey. As I've stumbled my way through failures to success, I've learned some key components along this journey that I'd like to share with you. There are some major details within any network marketing business, which have proven to be vital to the life or death of your online business. First and foremost on your daily routine, turn off the television and the phones, these will on be a distraction to creating your dream. Get into an area where you can focus on your money making strategies. Income producing activities must be your number one priority, then the daily maintenance of your business second.

Income Producing Activities Towards Your Dream

  • Stay in touch with your subscribers, your goal is that they opt-in, see your offer, and then become your customer.
  • Continue to offer up to date information to your list of subscribers of any upcoming webinars, new releases, (use your broadcast feature within your auto-responder).
  • Research your topic and then write your daily post(s), get them circulated and let the search engines push you closer towards creating you dream.
  • Become an authority on your niche, product and business.
  • If you aren't sure of an answer, don't make one up, do your research- find the answer and then follow up with your prospect.

Maintenance Activities:

  • Check your friend requests and new friend additions on your social networks, respond accordingly.
  • Comment and follow up on comments to your posts on your social networks and your blog/website.
  • Answer business related emails.


Marketing Strategies To Ensure You Arrive At You Dream

"The money is in your list", the list is what will help ensure your dream is fulfilled. I'm sure you've heard that over and over in your network marketing career, "it's all about your list, or lack of one". The question that most marketers have is "how do I create a awesome list" well if you need a little assistance in finding the answer you can check out what helped me answer this same exact question to learn more simply click on the link below.






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Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this article on your dream.

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