How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Platform

facebook app id

facebook app id

How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Website

Learning how to add your Facebook app id is now a thing of the past, I actually took the time out to learn what an app is and how you can find your app id and secret to add to your website or any other adventure you may be traveling on your journey of online marketing. My motto “teach what you know, not what you’ve heard” so I’m going to present you with a step-by-step guide on where to go within both back offices and how to add it to your Influx site. So let’s dive in and get started. Now why would anyone need a Facebook App Id? Good question. Let’s dive a little more into this, an app helps you become more active with you audience allowing your audience to interact with your content, share, like and much more making you a reliable source.

So how do you go about getting more involved with your audience? Create a Facebook App Id to add to your site and let the social interaction begin.


How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Website

Now that you have a basic understanding of why you should get a Facebook app id, let’s dive into actually creating one. There are two screens you need to have up when doing this. The first one is your Influx back office and the second one is Facebook. So let’s get started:

In the Influx Back Office (Facebook App Id)Facebook app id

  1. Log into the back office
  2. Click on “Influx Marketing”
  3. Click on “Dashboard”
  4. Click on “Social Integration”
  5. Click on “Facebook App Id”
  6. Insert your Facebook App Id
  7. Congratulations Your All Set!

In Facebook Developer (Facebook App Id)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Apps > Register as a developer
  3. Accept the terms and conditions in the pop-up
  4. Verify your account
  5. Confirm Registration
  6. Create A New App – You need to to select the website app option on the right labeled (www or website)
  7. Enter the name of the new app – Once you have entered the app name, click “create new Facebook app id
  8. Confirm new app id creation – You will be prompted to confirm the creation of your new app, and you will also need to select the category for the new app (we use business as the default category for our apps) – Do not select “Yes” for the option “Is this a test version of another app” – Once you’ve selected the category click the “Create App Id”
  9. Click on dashboard
  10. Copy your app id and paste into your Influx back office.


How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Website

Now that you have a text understanding of how to add your Facebook app id, I want to show you a visual effect of what this actually looks like within both back offices so I have put together a little video to show you step by step where to go and what to do once you get the Facebook app id. You can actually pause the video and follow along to make sure your doing it correctly. Once you’ve learned it pass the knowledge on. Enjoy.


Now hat you have the text version and a visual version of how to add your Facebook App Id, continue moving forward with your journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This is my version of how to add a Facebook App Id I hope you enjoyed. Want to learn more simply click here.




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P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short article on how to add a Facebook App Id.

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