3 Steps To Having A Well Liked Facebook Fan Page


Facebook 3 Steps To Having A Well Liked Facebook Fan Page

Having a fan page on Facebook is so important these days. It is definitely a great way to advertise your business, opportunity, or product. Companies are now diverting funds they spend on television ads to Facebook marketing because of the power of Facebook. With Facebook, this is a social networking platform, people are on Facebook to get to know other people and fan pages are a way to have people get to know you, and your business in a non-threatening way. I have been visiting a lot of fan pages lately a I have been noticing a few things about them. People are so busy trying to sell their products, they are clubbing people over the head with a product when they should be reaching out to their audience, and get to know them and forget about promoting the product. Remember no one knows who you are yet so it is your job to get them to know you, and to find out what your fans are interested in. Here are some important tips to remember when you are setting up your Facebook fan page.


Make The Facebook Fan Page About You

Like I mentioned before, you want to make the fan page about you. You want people to visit your Facebook fan page so they can get to know who you are and they can start to build a trust and rapport with you. Definitely don’t name the fan page after your company, product, etc. People will visit your fan page to see how it will benefit them. People today are in the “what’s in it for me” mindset and you want to make sure you are presenting content that will help and support why people are visiting your fan page. Think about what you are providing for your Facebook fans, is it just to sell products, or a service, or are you trying to engage them in content and conversations provided. If you take the time to build a friendship and rapport, you will ultimately build a huge business.


Put A Picture Of You On Your Facebook Fan Page

People don’t want to see a stock of pictures of your products or business logo. They want to see who you are and if you are the type of person they want to do business with. If you want, create a banner which has your picture in it, and a website. A picture builds friendship and confidence. Especially when you are in a direct sales or networking marketing business. Our business is not the product or business we represent, it is you! We are our product. Make the Facebook fan page a reflection of you. Make it personal, make it fun. I have to say when I visit sites which have the stock photos from companies, I feel like I’m being sold. I do not like that feeling and I am sure you fans won’t like it either. I did that for years with my first business and I really do not want to do that again. It did not benefit me in the long run to do it like that.

Gear You Facebook Fan Page Posts Towards Your Audience

I have heard that it is important to make it 1/3 social, 1/3 business, 1/3 personal. Post questions that are totally non-business related. I have seen posts about goals, whether a sports team will win, over Christmas a lot of people posted about what kind of shopping habits people had etc; Also post videos, stories that might interest people, recipes (which I love) and quotes. I don’t post quotes all the time, I share other people’s quote’s, don’t go overboard with sharing the quotes though. Have fun, you are interacting and building relationships with others for the future.

These are just a few ideas I have about how to get your Fan page liked and viewed a little more. I hope some of these ideas help. If you are interested in learning more simply click on the link below. Here’s a quick insight on how to get started with you Facebook fan page.


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