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find a keywordLearn How To Find A Keyword

By: Stephanie Richards


Learning how to find a keyword is a little more work than you may think but is not so complicated that you will go crazy trying to find one. When I first got involved with online marketing, for me to find a keyword was really not important, because I didn’t understand what a keyword was or how it can help you within your online marketing and creating valuable content. It wasn’t until I actually decided to take my business seriously and put in some work, so that I could see the results that I wanted. In order for me to do that I had to dive in and get all the way involved. You hear a lot of mentors and successful people say “Once you open the package and actually use it, you will begin to understand and become successful within your business”. Now this never really made since to me because I never took my business seriously in the beginning, it was like a hobby, when I felt like being bothered I would deal with it, if something seemed too hard I would find an excuse on why I couldn’t get it done. In the end I finally realized that the only one I’m hurting by taking my business in that manner is ME!

So how do you get out of the “comfort zone” and take your business to the next level?

To answer this question we have to dive in a little deeper to help you understand how to find a keyword.


Learn How To Find A Keyword

So how do you find a keyword? Simple you must first understand what type of business or should I say niche that your getting yourself involved in. If you have the right keywords you can drive traffic to your website. First things first in order to understand how to find a keyword you must first make sure your site is set on a solid foundation, not something to make a quick dollar from it. Once you have found the platform that you want to use the next step is diving all in and understanding exactly what that product or service is. If you don’t understand what your getting involved with, then you should leave quickly. Finding the right company is all about what your passionate about in life. Once you understand your purpose (that’s a whole different topic) then you can understand how to go about your business.

So I’m going to assume your past this stage and really understand and know what you want. The next step is going for it. Now that you have your platform and you have your blog, (if you don’t simply click here to get that squared away) you can begin to provide valuable content, and you want that foundation to be well grounded. In order to do that you must learn your product or service and see how it can benefit you and others in your life.find a keyword

Now this can take some time if you haven’t already done so dive into your product or service to understand exactly what your getting yourself into, if someone asks you a question pertaining to what you may be offering, you begin to build a worry signal in your potential customer or follower. To prevent the “I don’t know face” you must dive all the way in. Even if your family is giving you a hard time does this sound familiar “mommy/daddy why are you always on the computer, or “son/daughter I don’t know why your spending so much time on that darn computer, you should be spending more time with your family we barely see you as it is”. Believe me when I first got started do you know how many times a day I’ve heard this? Let’s just say I probably passed you with hearing these words from my loved ones. In the end my actions my a big shift in my results, now giving me the ability to spend more time with my loved ones and friends and still maintain my online business.


Learn How To Find A Keyword

So how do you find a key word like a boss? It’s simple but yet satisfying once you take your online business seriously. Google has a very cool tool called the Google Keyword Planner or Google Adwords, this cool little tool will help you find keywords within your targeted niche once you have you niche. So how do you actually find a keyword? The trick is to learn and study our niche. What is the latest topic within your niche? What’s popular within your niche? What to stay away from within your niche? These are keywords that will help drive traffic to your site, a keyword in my words is something your potential follower or customer is searching for your job is to pop up within your potential customer search and be the answer. So in my words a keyword is the answer. You as an entrepreneur have to become the answer! Check out my blog to learn more about using Google keyword planner.



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Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed my version on how to find a keyword.

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