Generate Leads For Your Business

Generate LeadsGenerate Leads For Your Business

What are the necessary steps to generate leads online? You have a terrific product and a website professionally designed, one problem….you have no clue on how to generate leads and get people to purchase your product. Join the other 50 million people online who want to earn an income on the internet. It is not hard as you think to start getting people to check out your site, and potentially buy. There are some distinct differences between generating leads and the desire to buy leads.

You want to generate targeted leads, meaning leads who are potential buyers “looking” specifically for what you are selling. Real customers, not generic traffic.

Generate Leads| Lead Generation Strategies

Some popular lead generation strategies are:



  • Free route
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Buy leads

If you can afford to buy leads lists; your product and site are top notch, buying is an option to start generating sales more quickly. If you actively buy leads and find people who are specifically looking for your product, your conversion rate can be as much as 50% - 75% higher.


generate leadsGenerate Leads| Article Marketing

When you begin to generate leads the free way, they are people who searched for what you have, but might not have the credit card out to buy. They potentially found your site through an article. One of the key tips on article marketing is to always include anchor tags back to your site. After reading their interest is mildly peaked so they click on the link and go to the site. One of the benefits of social networking is "social proof" which is epic in not only sales, but also generating leads. Customer testimonials is one way to achieve this proof.

When you buy leads a lot of the guess work is erased because you can be specific and target a small audience actively looking for your product. Various lead generation techniques can include:

  • Email capture pages giving away a free product
  • Pay-per-click ads on Google
  • Keyword specific articles

You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to generating leads and article marketing your way to success and financial freedom.



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