How To Create A Google Client ID and Secret With Influx Platform

google client id and secret

google client id and secretHow To Create A Google Client ID and Secret With The Influx Platform

This is a short version of creating a Google client id and secret by Stephanie Richards. Being an entrepreneur and working online there are different bridges that you will come across that will have you at a stand still. Thankfully with the power of Google, questions have answers and if they don’t you can find the answer and make it available on the web for others to find. In my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur an obstacle that I came across was figuring out what the heck and how the heck do I get a Google client id and secret? after doing some research online this is what I came across. As stated by google in order to get a client id and secret you must:

To configure OAUTH connections with Google or Google Apps, you will need to register AUTH0 on the Google Developers Console.

  1. Log into the API Console…..
  2. Create your new app….
  3. Enable the Google+ API….
  4. Set up the consent screen….
  5. Get your Client Id and Client Secret….
  6. Enable Admin SDK services….
  7. Copy your Client Id and Secret.

Now this sounds good if you already know what your doing, so I actually walked through each step and will give you my version of how to access the Google client id and secret.


How To Create A Google Client ID and Secret With The Influx Platform

Now that you have Google’s version of how to create a Google client id and secret I’m going to give you my version. Now I actually took the time to figure this out so it’s right that I share the knowledge for the entrepreneurs just getting involved with the online world. After actually going step by step this is my results:google client id and secret

How To Create A Google Client ID and Secret:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “use Google API’S ( Enable and manage API’S)”
  3. Create A Project (name should be same as website to avoid confusion)
  4. Click on Social API’S → Google+ API
  5. Click on “Enable” (underneath Overview)
  6. Click on “Go to credentials”
  7. Find out what kind of credentials you need

A. Under which API are you using, click on the drop down box and select “Google Cloud Logging API”

B. Under “Are you using Google API Engine or Google Computer Engines” select “Yes”

8. Select “What Credentials do I need?”

9.Select “Done”

10. Select “Create Credentials”

11. Select “OAUTH Client ID”

12. Select “Configure consent screen” on your right hand side

13. Insert Credentials→ Insert your App Name and web address

14. Under Application Type select ” Web Application”

15. Under ‘Restrictions” insert Influx redirect URL provided within your back office in “Authorized Redirects URL’S”

16. Click “Create”

17. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully created a google client id and secret.


How To Create a Google Client Id and Secret With The Influx Platform

Now that you have the reading part of understanding how to create a Google client id and secret I’ve also created a video that will give you a visual effect on what it actually looks like within Google and what to look for so when your creating your Google client id and secret, you will have no problems with creating your own or helping someone else out. Enjoy this short video that will walk you through step by step.

I hope this video or the text that I have just provided to you on how to create a google client id and secret helps you to complete the task you have now so you can move forward with becoming a successful entrepreneur. Want to learn more simply click here.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how to create and Google client Id and Secret.


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