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google verification codeHow To Verify Your Influx site With Google Verification Code

In this blog you will learn how to verify your Influx blog with Google verification code. If you have found this blog, that means you are ready to take your Influx blog to the next level and you really want to understand how to become successful in blogging and understanding this thing called online marketing.

This article is literally going to walk you through setting up this easy step with Google verification code. Once you have your Influx site set up and you log in only then will you understand where to look and how to fix this minor setback, and continue moving forward with your progress and success.

Now that I have your attention let’s dive in and hurry up and set this up for you.


Google Verification Code| Log Into Your Influx Blog & Google Account

Let’s get started with verifying your Google verification code. First log into your Influx site, and stay on the main dashboard for your site, also log into your “Google webmaster tool” in order to get your Google verification code. Once you are logged into both accounts, now you can move forward with verifying your account. First thing first let’s go into your Influx back office and get to where we need to be. In order to do that within the back office of Influx you have to go under settings and look for smartcrawl, once you find smartcrawl click on it so you can move forward with verifying your site. Once you open up smartcrawl, you must then open up the tab that reads sitemaps. Once you have this tab open then you have completed step one of verifying your Influx site with Google verification code. Now on to step two. Go on to your other tab where you opened Google and type in the search bar, Google webmaster tools, once you type that in click on Webmaster Tools-Google then you will be brought to your Google search console page where you can add your Influx site that you want verified. If you have sites you will see a list with the sites you already have, and you can add another site, or if you have not added any sites to your Google search console page it will tell you to add a property.

Once you come to the add site page within your Google search console you will add your Influx site for example, once you click on add property you will see verify your ownership of If you see this then you are on the right track. there are many methods of verifying for your site, but for this particular course I’m going to give you the easiest way to verify your Influx site. You must click on “alternative methods”. Once you click on alternative methods you will click on the first option which is “HTML Tag”, once you click on HTML Tag it will have a Google verification code ready and available for you to use for your Influx site. Now one thing about the code is that, you only need that last part of the code and not <meta name “Google Verification code” etc,. You only need the key that they give you, if your having a hard time copying the code, there is a cheat way by copying the whole thing and putting it on a sticky note, then you should be able to copy only the code. Once you copy that key you will go back into your Influx Entrepreneur site and go back to smartcrawl sitemaps, once you scoll down to the bottom of the page, you will see “Google verification code” and here you will place that code that you got from Google. Once you save the code it will automatically add the <meta name “google Verification code” etc,. Once you hit save, you must go back to Google and verify your Influx site. Once you verify your Influx site with your Google verification code you should be presented to congratulations you have successfully verified your Influx site.


Google Verification Code| A Step-By-Step Video

If you have made it this far I know you want to see it actually done so I have put together a step-by-step video on where to go within Google and your Influx site to set up your Google verification code. Enjoy.


Now that you understand how to verify your Influx site with your Google verification code, continue to move forward with your progress and grow.



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