How To Verify Your Influx Website With Google

google verification tools

google verification toolsGoogle Verification Tools| How To Verify Your Influx Website

Learning how to verify your Influx Website with Google verification tools is as simple as 1,2,3. With the video provided below you will have a step-by-step tutorial on where to go within your Influx dashboard and within Google to complete the verification process. This short article will make understanding this process short and simple. Now if you’ve come across a little tool within your back office of Influx then you will know why Google verification tools is important to the growth of your website. If your like me when I first got started and your wondering “why do I even need to verify my site”, then you’ve landed in the right place. If your asking this question then you are on the right track of making your website more effective within the search engines, and to your audience. Once this little step is completed within your Influx blog, you can continue your journey of creating valuable content to your audience. So let’s dive into understanding Google verification tools.


Google Verification Tools| How To Verify Your Influx Website

After doing a little research I’ve come up with a little format for understanding Google verification tools and why it is important for your Influx website. In my words, the reason you want your website to be verified is because you want the search engines to know that you own your site, that your site is trustworthy. According to Google ” once you are verified for your site you have access to private Google search data, and can affect how Google search crawls it”.

The best part about Google verification tools is that, you can add as many sites as you would like. Below I will explain exactly where you have to go in order to verify your site.

Google Verification Toolsgoogle verification tools

  1. Either add a new site or click Manage Property> Verify this property on the search console home page next to the existing property that you want to verify.
  2. Choose one of the verification methods listed below and follow the instructions. Not all verification methods are available for all properties; the verification page will list which methods are available and recommended for your site.

(Multiple people can add and verify a site separately, sing the same or different methods. If you use the same method, just be sure that you don’t overwrite any verification tokens of any other owners).


Google Verification Tools| How To Verify Your Influx Website

Now that you have a written version of the Google verification tools to verify your Influx website I’m going to show you a video on exactly what I’m talking about. This video will make your verification process much easier, and if you like you can complete this process while watching the video to make sure you did it correctly. Stop and push play when your ready to continue on. Enjoy the video below.


Now that you have a visual view on what it takes and where to find this simple process within your back office, you can continue to move forward with creating valuable content. This little steps makes it easier for the search engines to understand if your a trusted site for Google to recommend others to. It’s your responsibility to provide valuable content so be smart about what you create and remember you never know who is interested in what you post. You might not catch everyone’s eye but there is some people you will relate to. So keep moving forward with creating valuable content and enjoy your journey of being an entrepreneur.


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