How To Add A Hyperlink With WordPress


hyperlinkHow To Add A Hyperlink With WordPress

Learning how to add a hyperlink with your WordPress blog is now simple and will be explained here within the content you are about to read. Understanding what a hyperlink is will help you develop more valuable content for your readers and followers to view. I’m going to give you my definition of a hyperlink and then the book version of a hyperlink.

When I first got involved with online marketing I had no idea what a hyperlink was, and how it could benefit you and your site. After learning through trial and error I’ve come up with my own solution to answer this question and it goes a little something like this….”A hyperlink is a clickable link that will take your readers to another document/site that relates to the topic you are discussing within your content”. You know when you view a site and there might be a word that appears to look blue or purple, if you hover your mouse over that specific word and click on it, it’s going to take you to another page that will open in a new window. Below will be a video to show you exactly how to add a hyperlink within your WordPress website.


How To Add A Hyperlink With WordPress

Understanding what a hyperlink is now can be a thing of the past. Now that I have given you my version of what a hyper link is, now I’m going to provide you with some research I did on a hyperlink, according to Google a hyperlink is, in computing, a hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Now creating a hyperlink is simple, when creating a hyperlink make sure the word or sentence that the hyperlink is on, has value and will be valuable to your readers, you simply highlight the word or sentence that you want to add a hyperlink to and click on the little staple icon within your WordPress site and add the URL that you would like your readers to go to, rather it’s to another blog post that you have created that can give them a better insight on the topic you are referring to, or you can recommend your readers to a site that you trust and also provides valuable content. I’ve created a short little video that you can watch to see exactly what I am talking about.


How To Add A Hyperlink With WordPress

Now that you have a better understanding of how to add a hyperlink with WordPress you can continue to move forward in your journey of becoming an online marketer and continue to create valuable content only this time you are able to add hyperlinks and really look and feel professional within your business. Understanding how to add a hyperlink can benefit your business and your affiliate link. If you have an affiliate link and you’re still learning how to promote your affiliate link providing a hyperlink can be beneficial to your affiliate link. You can have a specific word pointing to your affiliate link instead of providing a long link.

This is a small tool that you can start applying your business today.

In my own words “love to learn” this world and the online world is evolving everyday and you need to stay on top of what’s going on within your targeted niche so you can keep up on what’s trending. So stay consistent with providing valuable content, and continue you journey.


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