How To Add Categories With WordPress

how to add categories



how to add categoriesHow To Add Categories With WordPress

Learning how to add categories with WordPress is like mastering WordPress. Categories are designed to organize your posts, and make it easier for your visitors to search through your sites content. So taking the time out to learn how to add categories with WordPress is important.



How To Add Categories

In order to learn how to add categories with WordPress, you must first go to your post then:

  1. Give your category a name for when it appears on your site.
  2. Give it a slug, which is a URL friendly version of the name. (Basically same as the name of your title for categories)
  3. Parent is the subcategory to help you further organize your content.
  4. You can add a description, so you know which each category is for
  5. When finished, click on “add new category”


How To Add Categories

Now that you know how to add categories to your website, if you ever need to make changes to your categories, simply hover over the one you wish to change, and click “edit”. Learning how to add categories is simple once you understand why you need them. This video should bring some clarity and understanding for future reference.




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How To Add Categories





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