How To Get Started With Influx Entrepreneur

how to get started How To Get Started With Influx Entrepreneur

If you have found this page then I want to be the one to tell you WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve made the first step into your brand, your business, and yourself! Learning how to get started can be somewhat frustrating in the beginning because you become so overwhelmed and look at all the materialistic things rather than what it took to get those things (not to sound mean, but we are being realistic here). This page will help you take the first step in learning how to get started within Influx Entrepreneur. The trick is are you ready to work hard, and play harder? Have you really sat down and thought about what it takes to run an online business, don’t forget this is YOUR business. I ask these questions because I did a study with my team and  the results were just about what I thought. So let me tell you a little about what happened within this study. I took a few of my partners, long term online marketers and some just starting off online marketers and took the time to learn how they went about through out there day to invest within there business.


How To Get Started Within Influx Entrepreneur

how to get startedNever did we say one method was better than the other because any way you learn rather reading, hearing, or seeing, or jumping in and actually doing it, which ever way you find comfortable to learn is all up to you. But we did a study on how they invest there time within there business and the results showed the beginners, the one just starting, never took the time to actually learn, take in, and then execute what was within there bac office, rather than the long term online marketers who understood the power they had within there back office they just had to take the time out to learn everything there was about there business and then create there unique style of teaching and make it there own.

The reason why I am presenting you with an example is because this is more than likely where you stand right now within this business, what I want you to understand is that EVERYONE started in the same place your starting at today rather you have knowledge on how to work a computer or not everyone had there own challenges in the beginning but after learning, attending our online webinar within the back office and actually applying what they have learned within there business has made them successful and you can do the same.


How To Get Started Within Influx Entrepreneur

The first step in learning how to get started is simple get a pin and paper handy cause you will need to take notes. How I do within my team is simple, we do…..HOMEWORK! Learning bits and pieces until you can piece it all together.  So let’s get started with assignment number one.

  1. Your very first post will be about why you got started within this business, don’t worry about making it perfect you will understand why in the end, for now just get in the back office and create your first post.
  2. If you know what your doing on a computer, set up your profile picture within the back office, put a name to the face so people can learn who you are.
  3. Take the time out tonight and ask yourself how will I make time available for my business.

That is all the homework I want you to do tonight and this will be your very first step in learning how to get started within this business. Always remember the famous quote “Rome was not built in a day”, but understand that with time, patience, persistency, and dedication you can make anything a reality you just have to figure out the steps to get there and actually do the steps! Well that’s all for now, so really ask yourself tonight are you ready to get started? Then let’s rock out. See you on the other side!!


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Love To Learn,

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Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short post and will join me in learning how to get started.

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