Internet Marketing Mentor

Internet Marketing MentorInternet Marketing Mentor

If you are new to internet marketing, one thing you should definitely do is find a internet marketing mentor. There are several “self proclaimed mentors” out there, but do your research on the person before you join ranks with them.

What exactly is an internet marketing mentor?

A mentor is considered someone who is:

  • A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
  • An influential senior sponsor or supporter.
  • Someone who can provide answers through experience not just reading a book.

As you begin to compile a list of these people, be sure to do some Google research, friend them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other top social networks such as Twitter, Digg etc; and determine for yourself if their claim to fame is legitimate. By checking out their Facebook fan page you will be able to tell quite a bit by the number of likes, the comments left on there page and how many fans they really have. True internet marketing mentors will have a large base of followers.


Internet Marketing Mentor| Are They Right For You

While choosing your internet marketing mentor, be sure what they are offering is at the same skill level or above as you. While several mentors offer training commencing with the basics, others may start at a more advanced stage of marketing. Ensure you don’t jump in over your head with something too advanced, setting yourself up for frustration and imminent failure.

Some mentors will offer several courses or a building block type course including everything from basics through advanced marketing strategies. Don’t waste time and money on projects and features you will never use. Don’t choose a mentor out of your league; either too basic or too advanced.


nternet Marketing MentorInternet Marketing Mentor| What To Look For

When choosing an internet marketing mentor some key points to look for are:

  • Proof of success
  • Availability of your mentor or designated support team to get your questions answered in a timely manner.
  • A daily blueprint to ensure your success when implemented
  • A complete course to reach your goals


Internet Marketing Mentor| I’ve Found A Mentor

Once you’ve completed your research and have found an internet marketing mentor, be sure that you have the time and discipline to follow through with your daily schedule. Internet marketing as a whole will require some investment of your time, especially in the early stages of creating and developing your brand.

One of the keys to success in internet marketing is, regardless of your internet marketing mentor, will be in developing  and understanding the benefits of personal branding. Personal branding will be the catalyst to your success, along with the skill set you will acquire through mentoring and application of those skills. Branding yourself correctly will help to differentiate you from the masses of others in your chosen niche.


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