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Make A DifferenceHow Do You Know If You Are Making A Difference

Being a parent is one of the best gifts I was ever given, I never thought that I would become a parent making a difference in someone’s life. I never thought I would be grateful for having my children. Each day with them is exciting, depressing, fun, exhausting, and absolutely amazing. They are so different from one another. They each have their likes and their dislikes. They each have attributes, personality traits, which makes them unique in their own way.

But, being a parent is also a thankless job. So many times we do not see how our investment of time, love, energy, and money pays off until many, many years down the road. Personally I did not appreciate my parents until I became a mother myself.

In many ways, you are a “parent” to the people you bring into your business opportunity. Many times you ask yourself while you are helping people get their business going, am I making a difference with them? The answer is yes. The people you bring into your business associates as people we need to protect, care for, providing nurturing, teach, lead, but at the same time, teach them discipline, self reliance and how to grow strong in what they are doing. So many times, we assume when we start a business associate they automatically know what steps to take on how to nurture and grow themselves in their business. This maybe true of some people, but not all people are this self reliant. Well, I am sorry to tell you, but many people in networking feel thrown to the wolves after they purchase their business. This is why in network marketing there is such a high rate of people quitting even before they get started. So, how can we as business leaders and “parents” provide a nurturing environment of our new business associates, while at the same time, not make them codependent on us. I have put together some steps which you might find helpful.


Making A Difference| Helpful Tips

1. On the job training – when you started your JOB I am sure somebody showed you how to do your job. You were not an automatic expert at your job. Same is true in business. Start by having them go to a party, presentation, listen to phone calls you make, however you communicate your opportunity and sells your products. This is very helpful. Then you have them do this a couple of times. The second interaction, you present half of the time and the other half they present. The third time, you have them present the whole presentation, and you provide back up and support for them. This is very affective and will help you grow a strong partner in business.


2. Provide accountability – Make them accountable to you for their training. If you direct them to read a book in order to learn a relevant subject to your business, have them follow up with you. This way you know they are doing the activities you have asked them to do. You do not feel like you are having to breath down their neck to get them to grow their business. By them doing the activities you ask, they are showing their true commitment to building their business.


Making A Difference| Take Action

This is just a taste of what it takes and what you can do to making a difference. Want to learn more simply click on the link below.

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