Mindset|Developing Your Mental Strength


mindsetMindset|Developing Your Mental Strength

Having the right mindset on life will help you resolve any issue or frustration you may have. After doing some research on Google this is what I have found. According to Google The definition of mindset is ” a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s response to and interpretations of situations”. The older you become in life the more this little sentence will make more and more since to you. With time comes wisdom and understanding how to develop a mindset to become successful in life meaning your career, your family  or anything else in that matter all takes the power of mindset.

As I take this journey in developing me, Stephanie Richards, I’m learning and wanting to share these things along my journey. Someone may be experiencing the same things in life that I’m going through and if I can help make someone better along the way then I’ve done my job in life. Having a mindset, you must first understand what a mindset is, how your mindset can affect you and the decisions that occur in life. If your like me becoming a mother at a young age made me grow up a little faster than others, so becoming aware of my mindset had to kick in a little faster than others, I just never learned how to control my mindset and make it work for me, not against me. With time, trial, and error I have finally got this thing called called life under my wing and taking it one day at a time, but in the process loving to learn and become a better, entrepreneur, mother, wife, friend, sister and cousin.


Mindset| Developing Your Mental Strength

mindsetSo how do you take a hold of your mindset and make it work for you, not against you? I’m going to give you a quote from a great author that I admire and read this book like bible it’s titled “Secrets Of Lucra Shalom” by: Sol Liebowitz and in his book he stated “most people are unsuccessful in life not because they lack money, skills, or opportunity, but because they are caught up in a state of low being. Low being is a state of low energy, negative thinking, low self-esteem, blaming, and feeling sorry for oneself.” This statement is so powerful and true, I had to learn this through out life with trial and error. When you surround yourself by negative people, people that always think about the bad, or they can’t do something so they think your not capable of doing it. When you stick around those kind of people you begin to draw near a negative mindset. When you fell like this is occurring, always remember this is your life and if you don’t care, don’t expect any else to care. It’s your job to get away from those kind of mindset and surround yourself around people that are going to uplift you, make you want to do more in life than depending on someone else to do it for you, you want to surround yourself by people that are going to challenge you. I use to surround myself by negative people all the time and it got me no where in life but frustrated, until one day I just got fed up and I told myself that I want a change in life, and I did so by finding a mentor, someone to follow that I could mirror. When you have someone that is doing what you want to do in life your drawn towards there energy.

By finding my mentor I was able to develop my thinking process making my mindset focus on one thing instead of going crazy focusing on negative things. We all go through life, one minute your happy, sad, mad, frustrated, excited, etc; but if you develop a ritual, and I mean a real ritual that your going to stick to no matter what’s going on in life, you will notice a change begin to occur which will make you add more, and more goals to your ritual. Once you master one thing in life everything else will fall into place, how my mentor says “learn it, do it, teach it, move forward” now that’s mastering.

Mindset| Developing Your Mental Strength

mindsetOnce you realize where your mindset is on life, you will know how to move forward with developing your mindset. Find a mentor, study them, if not a mentor model someone that you want to be like in life, read everything you can, watch everything you can and see how you can apply it to your everyday life. I eat, sleep, and breathe online marketing because that’s what I love to do. You have to find out what your passionate about and really go for it, remember this is your future and if you don’t care, why would anyone else?

I’m going to leave you with another quote from the great author  Sol Liebowitz ” the wealth you seek is yours already. You just need to know that it’s yours and that it can be found inside you!” Finding yourself is the key to success. Everything else will fall into place, focus on you and develop a ritual to keep you moving forward in the right direction.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short article on Mindset.

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