Only Teach What You Know

Teach what you know

Only Teach What You Know, Not What You’ve Heard!

teach what you know

Teach what you know, not what you’ve heard! These are powerful words when your getting involved with online marketing. When I first got involved with online marketing I never really understood the value in these words until I actually began to take my business seriously and not for granted. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that all the help I needed to make my business grow and become successful was standing right in front of me the whole time. I was just too busy caught up in what everyone else was doing instead of worrying about what I needed to get done in order to get my business going how everyone else business was going. I got so caught up in making sure it was right, that I never published half of the ideas I cam up with. I was so worried that my site didn’t look like everyone else that I never even bothered to cater to my site and just did what I thought needed to be done in order to see results. That soon came to an end and made me realize everyone has there own pace I just have to find mine.

Now what I mean when I say find your own pace is developing time to make your business grow! Everyday life obstacles stand in our way but how can we continue to grow if we allow life to alter our dream by getting in the way! The problem I had (which I’m sure most can relate to) is I got so caught up in worrying about my family and loved ones that I never took anytime out for myself so when it came to my business, you know my business got the short end of the stick and always got put to the back burner. My favorite excuse ” I can do it tomorrow” and when tomorrow came I found another excuse after that “Well I haven’t even created the content or the video so there is no point in starting it now”. I would allow family to come over and yes I enjoy having a good time but every weekend??? Something had to change or the next day I would be mad at myself and blame myself for not starting “back then” when I said I was. So how do you avoid the mistake that I and most entrepreneurs getting started that aren’t at that level of full commitment to change there mind frame around and move forward within there business. How do you avoid being excited about the product or service, purchase the product or service and end up NEVER opening it or even looking inside to see how they can benefit from what’s right in front of them???

The answer is simple YOU CAN’T!!!

Only the person that’s involved in what ever it may be is going to have the ability to change. I mean don’t get me wrong there are plenty of training’s and mentors to follow one in particular that I like is Tony Robbins. There are people that can help you become better in life but only through words of encouragement, you yourself have to want to change and want your business to become better than what it is or was. I created a video a while back that I haven’t really watched until today and it made me appreciate everything I’ve been through because now I understand the value that I have right in front of me. I took my business for granted when I first got started because I was too stubborn to really pay attention and appreciate the help I had right in front of me. I quit on my mentor and friend Hector Guerrero so many time it’s not even funny I’m surprised he still wanted to work with me. The saying goes you never appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Let’s just say I’m thankful I woke up and paid attention before it became to late. Here is a video of me in my early years of online marketing look at how my drive was back then:

Do you see how serious I was then? I’ve realized what I have in front of me and finally made the decision to take my business serious and to the next level and I’m so glad I did because I would have missed out on a life time opportunity and I’m glad I got on board. If this is a something you can relate to and understand where I’m coming from then you have got to stick around for part 2 and see exactly how I went from a lazy entrepreneur to a full time motivated ready to work entrepreneur. Clue for those that follow my next topic will cover brain overload, you don’t want to miss this.

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Love To Learn,

Stephanie Ray

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P.S I Hope you enjoyed this short saying from me on Teach What You Know

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