How To Embed Google Voice into Your Website

embed google voice

How To Embed Google Voice Into Your Website Learning how to embed Google Voice into your website can now become a thing of the past. As an entrepreneur I get excited about learning new things that can make my life more easier to accomplish my goals. Along my journey I just so happen to run…

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How To Handle Stress


How To Handle Stress| Entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur can have it’s stress at times that leaves you wondering….why did I even bother getting involved with this business. Then there is the I’m so glad I became an entrepreneur an took the chance with online marketing ( same thing with any career). The question is how…

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Writing| What Is Writing


Writing| What Is Writing??? What is writing? Being an entrepreneur you have to consider the writing side of things which most people do not like to do, or don’t have the time to complete writing throughout there day. That is where discipline has to come in and make you read and write. As found on…

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Mindset|Developing Your Mental Strength


Mindset|Developing Your Mental Strength Having the right mindset on life will help you resolve any issue or frustration you may have. After doing some research on Google this is what I have found. According to Google The definition of mindset is ” a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s response to and…

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Who Is Stephanie Richards

stephanie richards

Who is Stephanie Richards??? So who is Stephanie Richards? Stephanie, is a mother, daughter,aunt,sister, friend, and favorite cousin to a couple of people in this world, but most of all Stephanie Richards is an entrepreneur! Now it took some time for me to figure out who Stephanie Richards was. I’m speaking in third person because…

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How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Platform

facebook app id

How To Add Your Facebook App Id To Your Influx Website Learning how to add your Facebook app id is now a thing of the past, I actually took the time out to learn what an app is and how you can find your app id and secret to add to your website or any…

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