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There are a variety of social networking tools. Many have joined various top social networks, but are not having the success they would like. Especially if, you are in internet marketing. Well there can be several reasons for this. So maybe together we can work through them and help them increase your online revenue with the help of social networking tools.

Because you join a site, and even a group within that site, does not mean automatic income. It is not that easy, believe me, I wish it was. There are certain tactics and social networking tools that you can apply, that will help give you an advantage over your competition, and in the end increase your social friend lists. The bigger the list the more people you can eventually market to by offering solutions to their problems. Thus, giving you a better chance to earn income.

Social Networking Tools| Top Social Network

First, you need to find out what the top social networks are, in your niche, or in other words area of expertise. One giant time social avenue that I think people ignore way too much is joining forum. Forums are all over and have a population of hundreds to thousands of people who are interested in your niche. Join a forum, many will allow you to add a link in your signature. Each time you correspond with anyone, it gives you added exposure. You will be amazed at the level of responses you get, merely by communicating and sharing within these sites.


Social Networking Tools| There’s Powers In Numbers

Social Networking ToolsSome other top social networks that are keys in your social networking tools are: Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and one I especially love, StumbleUpon. This site is growing by the millions every month. If you do well on there, you can get excellent exposure for your sites. People tell StumbleUpon ahead of time, when they join, the niches they are interested in. So say they want to learn about a blogging, and you have a blogging site, they are going to see your site automatically when you have the power of S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) behind your back. To learn more about that click here.


Social Networking Tools| Automation

Some excellent social networking tools are the kind that sends out automation friend requests for you. You simply input the type of people you are searching for, then the number requests that you want sent out, and start the program. Twitters Tweet Adder is a good example of this. A warning about the top social networks in regard to using these programs, please use them with common sense. Do not send out hundreds of requests per day, the social networking site will notice this ridiculous numbers of requests. This type of activity can result in closure of your account. Each social networking site is different as to how many requests they will tolerate. So my advice would be to start off slow with a few per day, and then increase. Just remember to use common sense when it comes to using social networking tools and should be okay.

Being an entrepreneur for over 5 years now I have learned from a lot of trial and error and taking heed to your social networking tools are very crucial to your success online. No one knows who you are, it is your job to get yourself out there and become the answer to your targeted niche. Knowing what’s trending, what’s the topic of discussion will help you create valuable content that will make you become successful for the long hall.



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