A Little Information About Stephanie Ray

information about Stephanie Ray

information about Stephanie RayA Little Information About Stephanie Ray

By: Stephanie Ray

Hey everyone, Stephanie Ray here giving a little inside tip about myself and because I love using my platform to create valuable content why not create something about little ol’ Stephanie Ray.

One thing I can say about myself is that I am a wife and mother first, entrepreneur second, and friend and loved one third. Proud to say I recently just got married and now I am Mrs. Stephanie Ray, as you can see I’m very excited because I decided to write a blog about it to tell the world. This picture here on the left hand side was one of the most happiest days of my life! Now in this picture I had already walked down the isle and said “I Do” to my lovely husband so don’t mind my shoes in my hand my feet were killing me at that point. Tired and all I still managed not to become bridezilla and create a beautiful ceremony for me and my family.

You see I didn’t just get to that smile over night, it took a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to marry my best friend and run an online business. You see when I first got started I was lucky enough to run across a great mentor and friend Hector Guerrero who actually helped me figure out what I was strong at with online marketing and that is writing. Don’t get me wrong I like communicating with others, yes I am a people’s person but I seem to express myself more through writing. I tried the cold calling and got no where! I would get the customer on the phone and freeze up. Why I have no idea but that’s when I decided to actually take my blog seriously and provide content, but not just any content something that would keep my readers wanting to come back for more. So how do you do that? It took me a while to figure this question out because I was stubborn or always caught up in my own little world instead of paying attention to what I needed to pay attention to, but I figured out the answer. I’ll explain more as we go along.


A Little Information About Stephanie Ray

So here is a little information about Stephanie Ray and how I came up with the answer to keep your readers coming back for more. It’s simple yet complicated for those that are not willing to take there business to the next level and the answer is….. CONSISTENCY! One thing I’ve watched and it has proven over the years the more consistent you are with your content the more results you will see. In the beginning I was lacking heavy in this department but now I completely understand what this means. When you take your business for granted and let everyone else get ahead of you while your playing catch up, you will sit back and say “dang I wish I would have started back then, then I wouldn’t be in this situation now”. You can’t beat yourself up too bad. I mean it is your fault just move forward, erase yesterday and move forward with the future. Your past does not determine your future. I say that to say this, It doesn’t matter how you start it’s all about how you FINISH!!! Here is a quick video that I want to you to see of me ack when I first got involved with online marketing.


A Little Information About Stephanie Ray

Now that You have seen how I started. Yea I was Stephanie Richards back then using another domain that I no longer use, that’s how you know this video is a couple of years old. The point of me showing you this video is in the beginning do you see how hungry I was to get anything done. My drive back then was not good I created content and did nothing with it. As time went on and I became more wiser and got more involved within my business I tend to look back on this video to remind me of where I started and what I was going for back then and compare where I am now to want I want out of life now. My though process has changed for the  better not only my thought’s but also I’m married now. All I’m saying is anything is possible if you put the work in to get it. In the words of Kevin Heart ” Everybody wanna be famous, but don’t nobody want to put the work in”.

So here is a little information about me and where I started. Nothing else.


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Love To Learn,

Stephanie Ray

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short passage about me Mrs. Stephanie Ray

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