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stephanie richardsWho is Stephanie Richards???

So who is Stephanie Richards? Stephanie, is a mother, daughter,aunt,sister, friend, and favorite cousin to a couple of people in this world, but most of all Stephanie Richards is an entrepreneur! Now it took some time for me to figure out who Stephanie Richards was. I’m speaking in third person because sometimes you really have to ask yourself, who is (your name here), and what do you represent? So I took some time to really figure out who I am and what I like, what I like to do for a living, where I see myself 10 years from now, will I be married etc; Throughout my trials and tribulations in life it made me realize that I am a strong woman who can hold her own in tough situations. I love to take on a challenge because it’s like completing a race, you may fall and stumble along the way but making it across the finish line is the ultimate victory, win, lose, or draw.

With that being said I’ve decided it’s time to show people who I really am and what I’m all about.

Stephanie Richards| Inside Her Life

As I was saying Stephanie Richards, is a young lady that experienced being a mother at a young age, causing her to come into adult hood quicker than she expected. I’ve made different mistakes in my life but one thing I don’t regret is giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl that I love an adore, because of my baby, she made me want to change my life around and do better for her. How Stephanie Richards view’s life if I’m good, she will always be okay. So with her presence I got my act together and finished high school, and got my diploma. Walking across that stage was the first step of me crossing the finish line. As life went on I was involved with someone else and was blessed to have another healthy baby girl, but it seemed as if life still had it’s way of taking a hold on me. Right after she was born he was sentenced to 143 years in prison which put me in a situation of raising her by myself. I went through some rough times, but no matter what I always picked myself up and continued moving forward in life.  At one point in time I came to a stand still in life when I experienced the violence of my city streets murdering my oldest daughters father. How do you build up the courage to tell your baby something like that? I found a way. As we put him to rest, we had to move forward in life with out both of them. The bond that me and my girls have are unbreakable.

Enough about the tragedy. I had to explain where I came from to show you where I am heading in life.stephanie richards

Even though I experienced a lot of heart ache and pain, it never made me look at life in a bad way. When you know your not suppose to be doing something and you do it anyway, your willing to take what ever risk comes with it including your life! and because of my life story I’ve completely changed me life around to make a better future for my children. Your children watch every move you make, it’s like looking at a mirror for them. If they see you do it, they are going to think it’s cool. So instead of showing my children negativity, I inspire them to become there own boss, create your own business, and I ask them how can you make a difference in the world? Always think big not small I never limit there possibilities in life. One thing about life is you can’t talk about it you have to be about it and that when I decided to get involved with working from home. I must say that was the best move I ever did because it allowed me to spend more time with my daughters and still be able to provide an income. I didn’t master everything over night it took time and patience, and a great mentor (Hector Guerrero). I’ve learned taking one thing at a time, master it and continue moving forward that way you won’t have to back. I actually like it now, in the beginning everything was like Chinese to me ( no offense I just haven’t the time out to learn you language)  but like anything in life when you take the time out to learn something you will eventually catch on. By me sticking to it and not giving up, your able to read what’s in front of you now. I have a clear direction, and the platform I am apart of helps m execute my direction with moving forward in becoming an entrepreneur and giving me the privilege of being able to stay at home and be there for my daughters. Luckily we meaning my daughter and I found someone special in our life that loves us and I’m lucky enough to be marrying him this coming July. By me having my support system and mentor, I’m proud to say I have over 100,000+ views on Google, a team that is steadily building on a daily basis, and proud to be part of our platform. Our motto here with Influx is “teach what you know, not what you’ve heard” and I live by that motto everyday.


Stephanie Richards|Take Action Now

So you have an idea of who Stephanie Richards is, so now I want you to ask your self who are you, and what do you bring to the table? Find your purpose in life and P.U.S.H= Potential, Unique, Strength, Helps; meaning only you can push yourself forward at anything in life. If you don’t believe in you who else will? Believing in yourself is the key to success and I finally figured it out. How about you? I’m not here to sell anything just to share with you what keeps me going when thing can seem rough, back to what I was saying earlier, no matter what happens in the race keep moving forward to get to the finish line.

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