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Being an entrepreneur can have it’s stress at times that leaves you wondering….why did I even bother getting involved with this business. Then there is the I’m so glad I became an entrepreneur an took the chance with online marketing ( same thing with any career). The question is how do you handle stress, in a stressful situation being an entrepreneur and involved with online marketing. Luckily for you, you came across this blog either looking for ways to handle stress, or looking for a niche…either way you came across this content and I’m going to show you something that you may have never took into consideration the way I’m going to break it down for you. Have you really taken the time to look at your flaws instead of others? Have you really thought about how your selfish in certain ways like others? Have you thought about what the other person maybe feeling at the time of a stressful situation rather than yourself?

There is a book that I recommend everyone to read, but when your reading it really pay attention to what he is saying the book is called ” Secrets Of Lucra Shalom” by Sol Liebowitz. When I first began to read this book I was just reading not really paying attention and applying this book into my life the way it asked me to. I was too busy caught up in things that really were not worthy of me even worrying about, but because my brain was so washed up in the negativity I dealt with things that would leave me more stressed out than finding a solution to my problems, and that is why this short article is being created because maybe what I went through, you can avoid going through and continue focusing on what’s important within your life.


How To Handle Stress|Being Real With Yourself

stressI’m going to give you a little section of the book” The Secrets Of Lucra Shalom” by Sol Liebowitz that I read all the time because it makes since to me it reads ” Most people are unsuccessful in life not because they lack money, skills, or opportunity, but because they are caught up in a state of low being. Low being is a state of low energy, negative thinking, low self-esteem, blaming, and feeling sorry for oneself. The Yiddish texts also had a word for this archetype: nebbish. Many people stay in nebbish for great chunks of their day-to-day lives, feeding it like a drug habbit, coddling this addiction to self defeatism.”

This little passage that I have just shared with you is very powerful because when you stay in a negative state of mind and are around negative people, you will always end up with a negative outcome. This has been proven though out history and in time through out life. Have you ever noticed when your around someone who is sad, you tend to connect with there energy and you become sad as well? This happens because when you allow your thoughts to go into a sad or negative mind frame you tend to gravitate towards that negative energy. So the big question is how do you deal with stress? Surround yourself by people that inspire you to do better in life, inspires you to stay away from the negative things in life that can harm you, your body and cause stress on your loved ones. Find a mentor or someone you want to be like in life and model what ever it is that they are doing. Create a ritual that you will stick to no matter what is going on in life.


How To Handle Stress| Take Action Now!!!

stressNow that you can have a little better understanding on how to handle stress. It’s your job to keep your life stress free and avoid negative garbage, and continue moving forward in life and being an entrepreneur. Stress is the number one cause of death, divorce, and a miserable life that most people don’t have the courage or are stuck n there ways to make a change. If you’ve gotten this far then I know your ready to get rid of that toxic waste, start over, and find your new happy in life and within yourself. Take full force and continue moving forward stress free. Want to team up with me and actually move forward with being an entrepreneur simple click here.






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P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short article on how to handle stress.

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