The Lottery Approach

Lottery Approach

lottery ApproachThe Lottery Approach On Life

Most people in life look at life in the Lottery Approach, if I get this job and do this and that one day the luckily lottery ticket will appear in life and I will become rich. I use to have that mind frame and I got so bad that I got addicted to playing the lottery. You have to love the grind because life is the grind I heard this from a great mentor who helped me understand the truth about life. Understanding what life is, will help you get out of the lottery approach.

As you can see any one in this world that we call famous or a historic figure all went through the grind in life. You may get those once in a while millions from the lottery approach, but there strings attached that most people are unaware of. I’m on this topic today because I had to sit back and examine my life, and how I approached different things throughout my life. SO I’m going to present to you what I had to ask myself. Have I been looking at life with the lottery approach? Now by lottery approach I mean waiting on something miraculous to happen instead of putting in the work to get the results you want out of life. When I sat down and thought about this question I had to be honest with myself and really answer it and the answer I came up with is…..YES, I sit around and say ” Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow” and when tomorrow comes I’m preaching the same thing until it’s too late and I’m looking back on time like why did I procrastinate and not get the job done, or if I would have started back then I wouldn’t be starting now. So in other words the lottery approach is waiting on someone else to do it for you.


The Lottery Approach| How To Step Away

lottery approachSo how do you step away from the lottery approach? Well first you must examine yourself and understand what traits you have as the lottery approach. How do you handle stressful situations. Do you give up easily and so the hell with it, or do you stick to it until you figure it out. Understanding how to get away from the lottery approach, you must learn and the best why to learn is through a mentor I wrote a post earlier called “How To Find A Mentor” which helped to explain the importance of finding a mentor who can help you get away from the lottery approach. You job is to get away from your old habits and form new productive, healthier habits to benefit your life.

You see you are the only in charge of what happens next in your life, once you understand the power in that you will be able to handle anything rather stressful or happy. You see the human mind is equipped to adapt to any environment or any situation that you approach. For entrepreneurs the get rich quick seem is not real, so please don’t fall for the hype you hear, don’t let anyone fool you, if you want to become better within your targeted niche, learn, learn, learn! Learning is the key to any success. Spend each day trying to be a little more wiser, and understand, Rome was not built in a day but each day they made progress so don’t expect to get ahead in fast spurts. Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness is the key to my success. Having a strong team behind me helps me be successful. Taking the time out to invest in my knowledge helps me be successful.


The Lottery Approach| Start Now

One quote that has stuck with me is “Old habits die hard” by Sol Liebowitz are great author by the way for those that are paying attention. The lottery approach is a way of saying stop being lazy, or stop daydreaming and focus on what’s in front of you right now. I have multiple mentors but one in particular by the name of Hector Guerrero has a saying that I live by “Teach what you know, not what you’ve heard” and because of this little quote I’ve changed my way of approaching my team ( Team Influx) and became more in tune to what’s going on, rather than daydreaming of what I want to happen. You see you can take control of what you have and do it well and move on to something else, once you master one thing you will never have to look back again because it’s already done. So don’t look at being an entrepreneur as a lot of work, or a big mountain you have to climb. Take it day by day becoming more wiser learning you business inside and out and as I like to say getting to the top of that mountain. Move forward entrepreneurs and learn something everyday. Until next time Love To Learn.


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