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googleThe Power Of Google At Your Fingertips

The power of Google can change your business and your life. Once you understand that you have more than just an email within Google, you will understand the endless possibilities that Google has provided to help you develop and grow your business rather it is offline or online, the possibilities are endless. Google has provided you with multiple tools you can start using right now. Take your time and actually go through what Google has to offer and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

So what can google do for you, let’s take a dive into some of the things Google offers you within the back office, after you have created an account with Google, to learn how to create an account with Google simply click here. For those that already have an account let’s continue on. First things first understanding how to get to these tools so let’s take a closer look how you can get to these valuable tools that Google is offering you to grow your business and brand yourself.


The Power Of Google

Google provides you with a lot of tools, to give you an example of what I mean I took a screen shot to show you what I’m talking about. Google

The image presented on your right shows you an idea of what some of the tools are within Google that you can use to your advantage starting right now. Did you know that after you have created an account with Google, they will provide you with a Google Voice phone number that you can use to handle any business you may have.

I’ll give you a brief description of what each tool is within your Google back office.


  • Web Search- search billions of web pages
  • Toolbar- add a search box to your browser
  • Google Chrome- a browser built for speed, simplicity, security
  • Bookmarks- Access your bookmarks and starred items


  • Mobile- get Google products on your mobile phone
  • Search For Mobile- search Google wherever you are
  • Maps For Mobile- view maps, your location and get directions on your phone


  • Adwords- attract more customers and only pay for results
  • Google Apps For Work- get email, docs, storage and more, customized for your business
  • Google Cloud Platform- build and host applications and websites, store and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure
  • Google My Business- make sure your business looks great on Google search, maps, and Google+ for free
  • Ad Sense- Create online revenue today
  • Ad Mob- make money from your apps
  • Analytics- know your audience and analyze traffic
  • Google Domains- find a domain and build a website for your business


  • YouTube- watch, upload and share videos
  • Google Play- your music, movies, books, and Android apps available anywhere
  • Books- search the full text of books
  • Image Search- search for images on the web
  • News- search thousands of news stories
  • Video Search- search for videos on the web
  • Picasa- find, edit and share your photos


  • Maps- view maps and direction
  • Earth- explore the world from your computer
  • Panoramio- explore and share photos of the world

Specialized Search

  • Custom Search- create a customized search experience for your community
  • Patent Search- search the full text of US Patents
  • Google Shopping- search for stuff to buy
  • Finance- business info, news and interactive charts
  • Scholar- search scholarly papers
  • Trends- explore past and presents search trends

Home & Office

  • Gmail- fast, searchable email with less spam
  • Drive- create, share and keep all your stuff in one place
  • Docs- open, edit, and create documents
  • Sheets- open, edit, and create spreadsheets
  • Slides- open, edit, and create presentations
  • Forms- build free surveys
  • Drawings- create diagrams and flow charts
  • Sites- create websites and secure group wikis
  • Calendar- organize your schedule and share events with friends
  • Translate- instantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages
  • Voice- one number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling
  • Google Wallet- make your phone your wallet
  • Google Cloud Print- print anywhere, from any device
  • Google Keep- save what’s on your mind
  • Google Store- explore and shop the latest products made with Google


  • Google+ – real-life sharing, rethought for the web
  • Blogger- share your life online with a blog – it’s quick, easy, and free
  • Groups- create mailing lists and discussions groups
  • Hangouts- conversations that come to life. Anytime, anywhere, for free


  • Code- developer tools, APIs and resources


The Power Of Google

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the power of Google can change your life watch this little video I made for my team below.


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