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visible onlineLearn How To Make Yourself Visible Online

Learn how to make yourself visible online for beginners. This is for people just starting off not the gurus looking to critique. I’m just showing you a method that I started using once I got involved with online marketing. Being visible online wasn’t even a thought in my head, I use to think “well I wrote the content, they should be able to find me”. As I got more and more involved with online marketing I learned that it takes more than just writing a blog or two here or there. It really requires some work, well anything in life for that matter requires work on your end, in order to achieve the results you want. Same goes for your blog. No one is going to tell you, you have to write a blog, and no one is going to force you to do it either.

So how do you become more visible online, be consistent!

Short simple and to the point right? Now let’s pay attention to what being consistent contains of. At the bare minimum, be active. Interact on social media, even if you can’t write a blog that day write a post. The way to stay consistent is to be active within your blog by providing valuable content everyday, through writing a blog, creating a video, or an audio pertaining to your niche. Which can send out a feel, letting your readers know that you take your blog/business serious everyday.


Learn How To Make Yourself Visible Online

visible onlineNow that you have a little understanding of what becoming visible online consist of, let’s dive in a little deeper to help you get started with becoming more visible online. So what do I mean when I say make yourself more visible online, how can you be more active, simple find something you want to learn about and speak on it, now when I say speak on it, I’m referring to writing a blog, creating a review, a video, and audio on what ever topic you may have learned about. See the beauty with the world wide web is that there is always someone online searching for something. Rather related to online marketing, beauty, health, fitness, just wanting to stay motivated. A lot of people look up reviews before purchasing a product. This is where you can become the source and make yourself visible online.

With so many topics to choose from so many different angles you can look at, how do you know where you will fit in? Like my mentor told me the only way you will ever know is if you get yourself out there. Trial and error is designed to make you better, not tear you down. Once you understand that concept, nothing can stop you but yourself. So dive in, and enjoy the ride.

How can you stay active?

Join different social platforms that is to your liking that you will be able to post content to letting your audience know what you have to share, and giving you an even bigger audience to connect to, which can help drive traffic to your site and possibly create networking with another like-minded entrepreneur. It’s all into how you create your platform within these social media. One thing I strongly recommend is keep your business separate from your personal social pages, just something I like to do.


Learn How To Make Yourself More Visible Online

You see we here at Influx have a way of showing our pride for our company and love helping other succeed at what they love doing by helping them increase there knowledge of online marketing including a lot of other things but that’s another topic for another subject. For now we are going to focus on making yourself visible online and I’m going to cut you a couple of corners by showing what’s working for me and one thing my mentor makes very clear is that becoming visible online isn’t hard, it’s providing valuable content that will keep your readers coming back for more. If you like me and like working from home then this picture I’m about to share with you can help you in understanding why making yourself visible online is crucial to your success. Here’s an image of what we go by here at Influx Entrepreneur:

visible online

You see this is not a dream, this can be your reality if you put the work in to get the results you want. It’s all about you and where you stand as an entrepreneur. Making yourself visible online will get you results like this in no time. So get to work and make it happen. Nothing and no one can stop you from becoming successful in your business but you, as long as you believe in yourself everything else will fall into place. Confidence will allow you to become more visible online.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this short little story on the importance of making yourself visible online.


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