Website Traffic What Is Website Traffic Review

webiste traffic what is website traffic

website trafficWebsite Traffic What Is Website Traffic Review

By: Stephanie Richards

After watching the video “Website Traffic What Is Website Traffic” by Hector Guerrero, it makes me want to explore my traffic more. This video makes you want to learn more about traffic, about Influx Entrepreneur, and about Hector Guerrero. Understanding what website traffic is….. is crucial to running and operating your online business. Hector shows a little tool that helps you understand what you viewers are clicking on the most, which allows you to understand what you need to focus on. The only way to find out what the tool is… is by signing up to learn more. When you watch the video you will understand why his secret little tool which I can not reveal (sorry) helps him understand where to focus his attention on to help him grow his traffic even more. Becoming apart of Influx Entrepreneur I now understand what that tool is and how to use to to continue to understand my audience better. By understanding what my audience are interested in I am capable of providing more valuable content to my readers. I’ve place the video below so you can watch it for your self.


Website Traffic What Is Website Traffic Review

Watch the video “Website Traffic What Is Website Traffic” by Hector Guerrero, that will explain what website traffic is.


Did you notice the little tool that Hector was using? Well that was the tool I was referring to. Once you understand our secret little tool, you will begin to understand what people are clicking on within your site. Now you have an idea of what website traffic is, and should learn as much as you can as to understanding website traffic because this is crucial to your site. After doing a little research and checking out Google it says ” website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. This necessarily does not include the traffic generated by bots. Since the mid-1990s, web traffic has been the largest portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.” This is coming straight from Google if you type in ” what is website traffic”.

Getting traffic can seem complicated if you do not take your time to learn and understand what you are doing. Finding the right niche is important, learning the product or service that you are apart of is crucial to making traffic towards that service or product.  In my own words “love to learn”. Once you understand the power of learning and feeding your mind new information, you will understand how to drive traffic to your website.


Website Traffic What Is Website Traffic Review

Now that you have a grasp of what website traffic looks like, now you must go out and learn everything you can about your product and service and deliver valuable content for your readers. Providing content that your readers can continue to come back to is crucial to how your traffic will flow. Spamming is no good. People get enough of that dealing with bill collectors, so they don’t need someone trying to sell them something that will not benefit there life, they need some information that can help there current situation and make things easier to do.

That’s where you come in to provide them with all the information they need or want on a product or service.

My mentor and friend Hector Guererro gave you a taste of the value behind Influx Entrepreneur and how simple it is to understand what your traffic is clicking on by providing this small little tool. Interested in finding out what it is? If so enter you information below.


Want To Learn More About That Little Tool My Good Friend Is Using??? Continue Below….

Want To Learn What That Little Tool Is???

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P.S. I hope you enjoy this review on website traffic.


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