What Is Google Plus

Google Plus

What Is Google Plus

What is Google Plus? According to Google, Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is an interest based social network that is owned and operated by Google.

Google plus was launched in 2011. Google plus has been upgrading and improving these last past years becoming one of the most active social networks with hundreds and millions if people having active accounts. When people ask “what is Google plus” there is a temptation of saying it’s “like Facebook” or “like Twitter” but once you understand Google plus, you will learn that it is very different between them.

Google plus is a valuable tool and a great social platform for your interest and targeted niche. After you realize Google plus is more than just importing your contacts, you realize the tools that are available to you within Google plus, and your Google account. Once you create an account with Google typically through creating a email, you are given a Google plus account that can keep you focused on your targeted niche, rather than like Facebook with friends and family filling your timeline up with baby pictures or throwback pictures of you in the 90’s. I separate the two so I can keep family on one social platform and business on another social platform and I prefer to use Google plus for anything related to business, being an entrepreneur and developing better skills.


What Is Google Plus

When you become apart of Google and activate your Google plus account you are opening the door of joining different communities in what ever your interest may be. The best part is you can start your own community and bring in your targeted niche to your valuable content. Here’s an idea of what I mean in creating your own group.Google Plus

Now that you get an idea of communities and how you can become apart of any community that you can think of, or you can create it on your own. Communities can be as big as 380,000 people, let that marinate for a minute. Your possibilities are endless. Google plus is especially useful for those whose passion are computers and technology, because it’s more than just a place to talk about computers and technology, it’s a place to help make them better. The whole “one account, you have it all thing” has it’s perks. Google plus is a place to express your ideas, your business, your value on what ever niche you may be focused on, and millions of other ideas you can think of, Google can help make that become a reality for you.


What Is Google Plus

Google plus is a place to share all of your valuable content, while communicating with your targeted niche. In my words, Google Plus is business and Facebook is pleasure. Take your time go through your account, enjoy what you have in front of you and use it to your advantage for you and your business. Google is a powerful platform that you can start using right now. Take it from me, a online marketer who has been online for over 5 years now, learning and developing my skills of being an online marketer, let’s just say I’m very thankful Google plus was created and is developing everyday, becoming better and more unique for it’s audience.

Why use Google Plus? If your an online marketer or an entrepreneur Google plus is a very valuable tool that you can use to your full advantage, enough about that want to hear more click on the link below, but for now this is just the basic information of what understanding Google Plus.


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