What Is Rel=NoFollow


what is rel=nofollow


What Is Rel=Nofollow???

If your involved with online marketing one thing you have ran across while creating valuable content is this little annoying error that says “rel=nofollow“. If your new to blogging then this can become very frustrating if you don’t understand what rel=nofollow is all about. The image above is a metaphor of how rel=nofollow looks. After doing some research and actually experiencing this annoying little error, I’ve come up with something on my own which may help you have a better understanding, but I will also explain what I have found in my research as well. So let me explain it to you in Stephanie’s version, and the way I make since of it was like this. Let’s say your online and your creating your content, now if your like me if you can’t draw and really have a brain fart on what kind of image to use, I look on Google and  do some research on what ever my post/blog/article may be about, and then I find a image that I like so I save it and use it in my content but…..I don’t want the link that I took the image from to cause spamming, or selling of a product that I don’t approve of, so I add rel=nofollow to prevent my reader from clicking onto something that they might not want to see, and I don’t want the search engines to add that link with my content. Now I will explain it to you in book terms (lol).


What Is Rel=Nofollow???

Now that you have an idea from my perspective of what rel=nofollow is all about I’m also going to share with you the research that I found within my search. So when doing some research from Google they came up with this “nofollow is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML a element to instruct some search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link’s target in the search engine’s index.” So we basically are saying the same thing Google just gave it to you in book term. You can find this within your back office under SEO Pressor Score located on your right hand side, in order to get a score you have to make sure you type in your keyword located underneath the content you are writing called the SEO Pressor Keyword. Once you insert you keyword and you begin creating your content you can save your content as a draft and a score will appear.

If you have no clue on what I’m talking about don’t worry I got you covered just continue reading on, in order to learn more about rel=nofollow.

Now if your like me when I first got involved, the very first question I asked right after I discovered this little annoying error was…..why do I need it? When you begin to take your blog/website seriously, you will begin to pay attention to the detail of your work and like anything else, this too will become a thing of the past allowing you to move forward with becoming successful within your writing.


What Is Rel=Nofollow???

what is rel=nofollowNow that you have a better understanding of what rel=nofollow is all about continue to do your own research to learn more and continue developing as a writer. Remember your content represents you and will be here on the internet forever, so always do your research, make yourself and your business become a home brand name that people think of going to without even thinking about it.

Look at rel=nofollow as a train track. There is a certain road that you must follow or you can come to a dead end, rel=nofollow prevents you from running into a dead end.



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