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If you have found this page I know you are wondering what is Influx and why should you join Influx Entrepreneur? Finding this page has put you on the right track to understanding Influx and who stands behind Influx Entrepreneur. We are a strong team of like-minded entrepreneurs. Influx Entrepreneur was founded by my mentor Hector Guerrero, and has become one of the top leading online platforms providing you everything you would ever need and want from an online business. Influx Entrepreneur provides you with a blogging platform, a webinar system, a hosting system, and much more. The question is are you ready for this exciting new marketing platform that has not been done yet??? If you’ve answered yes to the question I just asked then your ready to watch the video below in order to move forward with joining like-minded entrepreneurs ready to help you get up and running as easy as TODAY!!! When you join Influx Entrepreneur  everything you need will be provided for you inside.

Why Join Influx Entrepreneur

Below you will find a personal message from me Stephanie Richards on why I teamed up with Influx and decided to join Influx Entrepreneur! Enjoy.



Now you can who I am and why I decided to join Influx Entrepreneur. Joining the Influx team has not only helped me become a Google queen but it has helped me become more organized within my business and in life. When I first got started in the online world I had no idea what a hyper link was or how to create a video. I thought I had to learn and know everything before I could create my first video, or write my first blog. With time I have learned that mistakes will happen, but how ill you learn if you don’t make a mistake? With time you will get better, and then master what ever it is you are trying to accomplish online. Never overlook the smallest details, because the small details of your business is what builds a solid foundation.

Being involved in online marketing now for over 3 years I have found my way and proud to say I am a entrepreneur, representing Influx Entrepreneur with everything in me because Influx helped me become a Google queen and much more.

Why Join Influx Entrepreneur

Now that you have an idea of what Influx Entrepreneur is, and why you should join to learn more, landing on this page has put you exactly where you need to be in order to get started with Influx Entrepreneur. When you join Influx Entrepreneur, you will be brought to the back office where all the magic happens and allows you to create valuable content that will help increase leads and much more. Now Influx isn’t for those that expect a one hit wonder, following the directions provided within will maximize you leads and much more.

I joined Influx Entrepreneur because I was looking for a change. I’ve joined the big companies but got the same feeling and results through my journey. Within Influx you are treated as a person and not a number, a entrepreneur and not a rookie.

I’ve been through my shares or being excited and then quitting, but after I really sat down and paid attention to what was in front of me, I became hungry for more and more, which can happen for you as well.

In the words of my mentor Hector Guerrero and the motto of Influx Entrepreneur “Teach What You Know, Not What You’ve Heard”. Let that sink in and if your ready for move forward and join Influx Entrepreneur and our team!


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Love To Learn,

 join influx entrepreneur

Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. I hope you enjoy this video of why you should join Influx Entrepreneur.

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