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writers block  Writers Block

Having writers block??? Getting serious about online marketing but you don’t know how to get past the first step of writers block? Your so eager to begin seeing commissions, having leads, interacting with the “gurus”, but you just can’t seem to get past the first step.  The words “learn, implement, and move on” goes a very long way in this business of online marketing. How you implement the information being taught to you determines if you will continue to have writers block.


Writers Block| You’ve watched all the training videos so now what???

One very important tool I have learned through out my years of online marketing is, the catch after watching a tutorial is to promptly, implement what your learning while putting it into your own words, copying won’t get you too far, but really understanding and expressing your self in you own way will. The hardest part is making your words sound original and communicating to draw people to listen. So that your audience can relate, interact, understand, and spread the word. Through out my journey in this industry I’ve fully grasped the concept of ” learn, implement, and move on” very well. Don’t worry about mistakes you can correct along the way, remember the more you practice the better you get. Once you understand where your traffic is coming from, you can build on what they are interested in and go from there. Becoming an entrepreneur takes time, patience, consistency, and determination in order to grow and understand what you are really doing. writers block

Having writers block can cause you to lose focus of what your task may be. How can I come up with an idea if I don’t even know where to start? Am I making since? Does this sound right? Am I going off track when I’m writing or staying on topic? If these are some of the questions when your writing the best advice to give is read, read, read, and keep reading. Get so familiar with your targeted niche that you know what’s trending, and what’s being talked about.

Taking the time out to read and understand what your audience are asking, makes a very big difference in how people will respond to the information that you give them. Entrepreneurs learned from the best, and in order for you to become successful in this field, you have to learn from people that are doing what you want to do, and love to learn!

I look at the “gurus” as my mentor, the reason being they are already doing what I want to do. Get into the habit of reading, and seeing what’s new within your targeted niche, get involved, interact doing this will help you get out of writers block. After a while you’ll notice this practice gets easier for you, don’t worry about mistakes, learning from your mistakes, not only a better writer but a better person, look at it as constructive criticism, you’ll know what you need to work on in order to improve in your business. I said it once and I’ll say it again success does not happen overnight, it takes time and dedication. If you don’t put the time and commitment to really grow and understand your business then you will end up seeing little to no results, what you put in is what you get out, so step number one is getting rid of writers block.


Writers Block| Get Into The Habit Of Blogging, And Creating Videos.

Once you get out of writers block and start creating valuable content that readers would want to read, learn from, or watch, you are giving your audience:

  • A reason to trust your site for future reference.
  • A reason to come back and visit your site
  • A reason to recommend your site to other people
  • A place to come for valuable and reliable content.

Being a entrepreneur you have to become the answer for your targeted niche. When you become the answer covering everything possible within your targeted niche, you give people a reason to come back to your site when they are looking for answers. One thing I’ve learned throughout my journey of being an entrepreneur is that as long as you can provide the answers for your targeted niche, your leads will always follow. Always remember in the world of entrepreneur you “never stop learning” so in my own words and what I live by ” love to learn ” . When you become aware of what’s going on within your targeted niche, it becomes easier to blog, do a video, write a article, basically easier to do anything within your targeted niche. When you love what you do it takes nothing to do it. Take the time out to learn, implement, and move on, that ways you fear of writers block will go away.




Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards, Influx Entrepreneur






Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S. Hope you like this review on how to overcome writers block.



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