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writingWriting| What Is Writing???

What is writing? Being an entrepreneur you have to consider the writing side of things which most people do not like to do, or don’t have the time to complete writing throughout there day. That is where discipline has to come in and make you read and write. As found on Google it reads “The activity or skill of making coherent words on paper and composing text”. In order to have a skill you must perfect your skill everyday, that applies for writing as well. If your like me when I first got started with online marketing. I really did not want to write, let alone write something that people had to read.

I was more worried about perfecting my writing than actually getting my content out there for the world to see. But how do you write if it’s something you don’t do everyday or make it a habit? Writing is like a baby…..you have to grow and learn with it not try and master everything in the beginning. Looking back my mentor always told me “writing is not hard” and I use to think he was crazy because writing wasn’t my thing. When I first got started I was lucky enough to even come up with a 200 word paragraph. In the beginning I thought that was hard to do, but over the years and taking the time out to read I’ve come up with my own scenario for writing. Writing is your creativity! If you have a story to tell get it out because you never know who’s listening.


Writing| What Is Writing???

When you learn something write about it and move forward, this will help you develop your writing skills. If you have been following me then you know I always use the idea of a baby, meaning anything you do in life won’t happen right the first time, it takes time, patience, care and commitment to making something happen within your life. There are many obstacles that happen along the way that prevents you from moving forward with writing or life you just have to find a way to resolve what ever issue you may occur. I say that because writing is like a baby you begin to learn in preschool, but as you get older it’s your decision to further your writing.  So what made me get on the topic of writing you may be asking. Well I’ve made a vow to myself to make the minimum of a blog a day, and the question that I ask myself everyday now is “what am I writing about today”. I’ve realized that is where I have gone wrong, it’s not what am I writing today, it’s suppose to be what am I learning about today.

Once you understand your why…your writing will be fluent like a poet.

writingUnderstanding you why, is the key to any success for that matter, you have to find your purpose what is going to push you forward with your writing and your career if you don’t understand why your doing it? This took me a while to understand you see, I was just creating content because I thought it was the right thing to do, but the more I got involved with my business and really started taking it seriously I began to understand the power of writing.

There are millions and millions of people in this place we call life, you may not relate to everyone but there is a group of listeners just waiting to hear your story, you just have to learn how to get it out there in writing, video, picture for them to find it you notice I said more than just writing correct.

Writing is your creativity, so explore and learn as much as you can about writing.


Writing| What Is Writing???

When I first thought about writing I thought of it as a grade or like how you write in school. Yes spelling should be correct and all that other stuff, but most importantly is getting your idea out there is what matters, you can go back and correct the errors but not the passion at the time of the writing. Make it a habit to read something everyday from someone you look up, inspire to be like, and want to do. This will help you develop your writing skills and makes your become a better writer in the process. Writing comes from within so explore your writing skills and learn something new everyday, and read everyday watch how your writing skill improve.



Love To Learn,

Stephanie Richards

Influx Entrepreneur

P.S I hope you enjoyed my idea of writing.

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